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a magazine cover with racoons planet earth and a banana peel
magazine table of contents spread
bitmap racoom magazine spread... I know, There are a lot of racoons on this website
text heavy magazine spread
an old fashion swimsuit for toddlers made out of a plastic bag
A man choking on with a plastic bag over his head and a text heavy page opposite
A spread with nothing on it… after all this is a magazine celebrating trash. So we do our part to add more of it to the earth
 magazine spread of a cool lookin kinda tool looking guy in a business suit hovering over the earth surrounded by banana peels
A photo of shoes and a piece of sting on the ground
A piece of trash on the ground and a text heavy magazine spread
A magazine spread of a bitmapped plastic grocery store bag that says thank you have a nice day
Back cover of a magazine that has an image of a plate of fruit in the middle of the street

Another Man's Treasure

Another Man's Treasure is about trash, and about climate change, and about intergalactic travel, and about the power of story telling. Within its pages are original illustrations, photography, and satirical articles about how the only way for mankind to progress is by filling planet earth with so much trash that it becomes absolutely uninhabitable. Then, like the hermit crap shedding its outgrown shell we too will move on to a greater, more comfortable home. Sadly, until the day trash reins entirely, human kind simply lacks motivation. So until that day—Consume Consume Consume!

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