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a dove holding a letter
a fluffy behance ring
rainbow instagram ring
a poison lookin sharp donut shape

I'm Harbor I have a master degree in Fine Arts and Design from The School of Visual Arts. (Yes, You can refer to me as Master Harbor if you'd like) I am currently based in New York. I am passionate about design in the creative industries of music, art, fashion, and architecture. I specialize in branding and typeface design, but I also don't shy away from video, motion graphics, 3D, and freestyle rap (if the occasion calls for it [and trust me the occasion calls for it more often than you might think]).

A woman showing off her wildly expensive (for an unemployed designer who still lives with his parents) engagement ring shot with a fisheye lens so the rocks look extra nice.
A beautiful woman crouching down using her shoe as a telephone. Sometimes fashion doesn’t have to make sense, just look cool. Deal with it.
A five footed rabbit, ya know, so just in case someone needs some luck he will still be okay
A vampire shroud in smoke holding up the arm of a recent victim about to go in for seconds and suck out whatever blood is left in the corpse of this unknown unfortunate soul. There is also a castle in the background.
A spell caster emerges from swampy waters and stretches out his hand towards to disembodied head of an otherworldly creature
An ugly green man with a white face, black eyes, and a red flower headband surrounded by cute little woodland creatures
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